About Us

Most small businesses become stagnant or die within the first five years, we provide training and support to accelerate business growth to ensure small businesses thrive by increase their revenue and success rate.

We also believe that financial education should be engaging, easy to apply and accessible to all students. We provide financial training to students through our proprietary curriculum, workshops and conferences.

The Financial Leadership Club of America is a dynamic organization focused on empowering individuals and businesses to achieve financial success. Through our educational programs, small business programs opportunities, and community initiatives, we aim to create a strong foundation for financial literacy and economic development.

Meet our CEO

Ayisat Abilogun is passionate about small business growth, economic development and financial literary. She is an entrepreneur and the visionary leader for our MBA (Minority Business Accelerator) program and our 5-part financial curriculum.

Ayisat enjoys speaking, training and working with small business owners. She is also a secret agent who serves federal employees with insurance needs.

Ayisat has worked with global and national organizations on various projects. She is wife and mom who enjoys reading, and implementing new ideas.

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